Sleepy Pets

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Sleepy Pets is an endearing virtual companion whose mission is to improve college students' quality of sleep and mental health by encouraging a nightly self-care routine that is less reliant on phone usage. It is the only sleep companion application that the user does not need to interact with at bedtime.

Our Story

We seek to improve tech work-life balance by encouraging healthier phone habits. Young people often use their phones right before bed to alleviate feelings of anxiety and stress, leading to sleep-deprivation. This has been linked to depression, decline in physical health and exacerbation of other sleep disorders. Sleepy pets aims to tackle this problem by rewarding the user for healthy sleep cycles.

Sleepy Pets is the winning concept of Dartmouth's first ever designathon and the recipient of a Lookup.Live grant. You can read more about the designathon and Sleepy Pets in The Dartmouth. The application is currently in development with the support of the team at Lookup and our mentor Julio Gomez, who is the founder of Gomez Inc and one of Time Magazine's "Fifty most influential people shaping technology". Scroll down to see our pitch deck and teammates.

Meet the Team

We are four Dartmouth College seniors who became close friends through our shared passion for computer science, art, storyrelling and creating meaningful content.

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Maxine Perroni-Scharf

Head Asset and Concept Artist

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Chloe Son

Head UI Designer

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Winston Wang

Head Application Developer

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Tim Yang