Minigames (AR/VR/Desktop)

Check out my growing collection of smaller games and mini-projects that I developed for virtual reality, augmented reality and desktop gameplay:


Space Roller

Roll around as fast as you can to collect all the energy capsules on this abandoned planet! Notable features include dynamic swinging camera movement (inspired by Sega's "Super Monkey Ball") and custom textures and environments.

Android AR/Unity

Fly Catcher

In this augmented reality fly catcher minigame, the user can turn a lightbulb on and off using their own real-life hand. When the lightbulb turns on, the flies will gravitate towards the light. Developed in Unity.

Android AR/Unity

Maze Game

Try to reach the end of the maze by tilting your printable maze card, but be careful of the teleport pads that are dotted all around the area.