Carver, C.J., Shao, Q., Lensgraf, S., Sniffen, A., Perroni-Scharf, M., Gallant, H., Li, A.Q. and Zhou, X., 2022, June. Sunflower: locating underwater robots from the air. In Proceedings of the 20th Annual International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications and Services (pp. 14-27).

Our work, Sunflower, presents the first demonstration of wireless, 3D localization across the air-water interface - eliminating the need for additional infrastructure on the water surface. Specifically, we propose a laser-based sensing system to enable aerial drones to directly locate underwater robots.

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I conducted research on this project as part of a team in the Dartmouth Reality and Robotics Lab. In this project, I designed and printed 3D system components for angle-of-arrival sensing, and developed the adaptive scanning algorithm for the laser.