Hello! My name is Maxine Perroni-Scharf and I am a computer science student with interests in computer graphics, digital fabrication, robotics and virtual reality.

Currently, I am completing a research-based master's degree at Princeton University, where I am advised by Professor Szymon Rusinkiewicz and supported by an Assistantship in Instruction. I completed my undergrad at Dartmouth College, where I majored in Math and Computer Science, and minored in Digital arts. As an undergrad, my thesis advisor was Professor Devin Balkcom, and I also worked with Professor Xia Zhou in Dartnets Lab. Last summer, I worked with Yannick Hold-Geoffroy, Kalyan Sunkavalli and J Eisenmann as a research intern at Adobe.

I am also a keen artist, and like to spend my free time making art, playing music and working on VR game development projects.


I am available for commission work depending on the time of the year. Please email me at Maxine.A.Perroni-Scharf.21@dartmouth.edu to request information on current availability and rates.